When building a business dynasty, it is imperative that you take proactive steps to minimize risk and limit liability. Regardless of how big or small your business is, whatever industry it operates in, and however many precautions you take, you can never be a hundred percent positive in overcoming all risks.
After all, there is nothing more unpredictable than running a business and certainly nothing scarier than the thought of your empire crashing amidst crisis due to a weak insurance policy.

What We Do Best: Personalized Insurance Plans

At AA Insurance Brokerage, we have made it our goal to help your business thrive, even during financial catastrophes and unpredictable times. Say goodbye to vulnerability with our extended customized insurance policies, designed precisely to assist your business in growing to become the best in its respective market.

Our Business Insurance Packages Are Made To Protect What Truly Matters

Liability Tied in Property
  • All-inclusive protection is given to property
  • Complete inventory management and insurance
  • Safeguarding property during lawsuit
Covering All Damages
  • Uncalled for events, such as armed robbery and burglary
  • Claim riots, strikes, and shutdown damage
  • Covering damages from natural calamities
Protecting Your Human Capital
  • Ensuring complete safety and insurance of all staff
  • Policies in compliance with worker regulations
  • Covering work-related injuries and illnesses
Logistics and Vehicles
  • Covering extra logistics liability
  • Protecting company cars, trucks, and other vehicles


Every year, millions of high-value sensitive materials are transported globally via cargo through air, sea, and road. To ensure that your business faces little to no risk during the logistics process, aim to invest in the top cargo insurance, made best to cover all your needs.

Luckily, we offer just that and much more!

At AA Insurance, we feel it to be our duty to facilitate you with an all-inclusive cargo insurance plan, rendered down precisely to your business needs at highly competitive rates. Don’t worry! We offer 110% damage cover, regardless of the reason behind the loss, so you can transport your beloved goods anywhere, anytime.

Eliminate Worry, One Cargo Insurance Plan At A Time

  • Easy, simple, and straightforward
  • 110% damage cover with quick online claims and follow-ups
  • Highly affordable, competitive quotes
  • Customized insurance plans personalized according to cargo requirements
  • Stress-free payment plans

We have all heard about the endless freak accidents that mark businesses during cargo and transportation every now and then, which is exactly why you need to think less and act more.
Still not convinced?
Take some time out of your busy schedule to get in touch with our customer services for a complete walk-through of our insurance services. If anything, you surely won’t be disappointed by our dedication to protect your property.


Construction is a work of art, requiring some of the best design specialists, engineers, and laborers to execute it properly. Hence, it deserves to be protected throughout its long and tedious process. Regardless of how big or small your construction project is, it is imperative that you insure it through a comprehensive construction insurance plan made to protect your property-to-be from all potential disasters.

Add Value To Your Construction Projects with AA Insurance

AA Insurance works with some of the best insurance analysts in the market, all of whom have a deep understanding of the unique needs of the construction industry, helping you create the best construction insurance policy, surety solutions, and risk management to lay the first successful foundation of your project.

Comprehensive Construction Insurance Plans and Services

By arranging all-inclusive personalized insurance plans, we maintain a full-fledged account of your construction project by offering the following services:

  • General liability and overall construction insurance
  • Public liability and legal insurance
  • Workers’ compensation and builder’s risk
  • Owners and contractor’s protective liability
  • Complete equipment and tools insurance
  • Pollution liability and legal insurance
  • Full coverage on real and personal property

Don’t see the construction insurance coverage you’re looking for? Don’t worry! We offer custom insurance plans at highly affordable quotes.
So, feel free to contact our customer services to personalize your insurance plans your way!


Minimize Asset Loss and Maximize Protection with Real Estate Insurance!
It takes years to build and expand a business that you feel pride in. But are you sure your valuable assets are covered from probable disasters and risks? Is your coverage enough to recover from casualties or potential liabilities? You don’t have to suffer from the frightful fate of financial losses or consequences.

  • Our Commercial Real Estate Insurance is dedicated to give you diverse protection from minor hiccups to major perils against fire, theft, damage, or other asset loss.
  • AA Insurance Brokerage’s tailored and flexible solutions will help you give access to broader coverage of terms and conditions for small office buildings to large organizations.
  • We intend to save costs and losses emerging from any casualty so you can make the most of our streamlined insurance policy.

Having reliable real estate insurance will ensure a competitive advantage and a convenient package for full coverage of your business so you can run a risk-free organization. Stop worrying and contact our representatives for further options, adjustments, quotes, or claims.

Let us handle your worries and fears so you can focus on building your dreams.
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“Home is the place of love, hope, and dreams.”

Imagine any threat to your refugee, safety, and your most valuable asset! Any unexpected event such as riot, burglary, theft, fire, storms, or accidents can strip you from your place built with love and immense effort. It will not only trigger emotional setbacks but recovering from it will be a painstakingly difficult process. That’s why we work collaboratively to ensure the protection of your home and, ultimately, your family.

  • AA brokerage has designed policies that incorporate home and general liability coverage to safeguard your residence from accidental damage.
  • Our customized solutions will provide unparalleled provisions with value-added services.
  • An affordable and comprehensive coverage for additional structures, personal belongings, or liability claims will ensure your sanctuary of warmth and love is protected completely.
  • We take pride in a flexible approach to structural damage to the home or its contents with an end-to-end relationship with clients.

By acquiring a broadly covered homeowners insurance policy, your home will be guarded from the financial and emotional impact of loss and setbacks. Talk with our agents to get an affordable quote for home insurance. Let us help you protect your heaven from increasingly and frequently occurring threats.

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If your cargo truck is involved in an accident, it will not be ordinary damage. The potential cost of it will pose a wide range of risks from loss of freight, theft, life loss to truck damage due to collision. We understand the hassle and inconvenience of commercial truck fleet damage and the consequent effects incurred from it. Without an insurance policy, you will have to pay for the extensive repair bills and cargo cost, but insuring your trucks can save you from the gruesome consequences.

  • To protect your truck and cargo, AA Brokerage has designed a comprehensive insurance policy to get you back on the roads quickly.
  • From a single truck to a wide commercial fleet, we are dedicated to provide coverage from a wide range of perils.
  • The cost-effective protection for you and your commercial trucking and transportation needs encompass auto and general liability, non-trucking liability, truck cargo, and damage due to collision.
  • Our diversified plans are tailored to your needs so you can haul your cargo and valuable safely without taxing yourself about accidental damage.

You won’t be left feeling alone in the dark trying to figure it all out! Let us help you deal with operational risks and complex insurance policies.

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